Bedevilled Mind

Should not invite him in, or invoke his name by acts painted by decadent minds. Should not invite him to discourse on art or philosophy, since my mind is bedevilled with innate dangers of its own.


All the Faces

And I suddenly realised the room was full of faces and the world was full of even more and every face was a series of lies and with each one told another line cracks the foundation of the universe and that every fissure put together would hold the world in broken fingers and each broken finger points at a face that fills this room and all the rooms everywhere and amongst all the faces was mine. Dead from all the lies.


Shake off your shallow smile

And lend me your hate,

Which languishes in your breast

Like lead in a glowing flame;

For hate builds nations,

Conquers invaders

And lays siege to the meek.

And I need strength

To provide leverage for a burnt out cause.

We no longer fight,

But willingly shoulder yoke and harness,

Bare our backs for the whip;

Serfs to our government,

Slave to money and desire and weak…

So very weak…

So lend me your hate

So that we may be free

And raise arms against the country we love so much,

To be patriots in blood and solidarity,

To stand above ash and rubble

On a land grown green with the tears

Of forgotten forefathers

And return it to He whom blest it.