I dance so you can see me…



Life is gravity, designed to keep us nailed to the crosses we bare. Every leap is defiance. Every free fall a reminder of the chains that shackle us to ethereal obstacles. We are lead balloons, leaden with sorrow. For we cannot fly. We do not know the freedom of soaring, of cloud busting, of the space beyond the limits of our dreams. We are free to feel free and no more.


So leap. For that indefinable moment where the heavens are below our feet, where the grace of arcing through the air is a singular act of liberty. Listen for the tears of broken chains and the roar of love and hope and joy as they flood in where the tide of your sorrow ebbs. Feel for that instant when gravity relinquishes its grip on you and you are indeed, truly, madly, incredibly free.


Dominique Vannod-7

Lament of the Last Muse

In the 1st world where money rules, all that is Art is just for fools. In minds made of solid gold, creativity has fallen cuckold to a world obsessed with the power of coins and the money hidden within a woman’s loins. Where thoughts turn to war and death, the artist breathes his last breath.

And so armed with just a disheveled trampled brush the artist fights against economies attempting to crush a sphere of lights where dreamers dream of new celestial orbs. A revolution where the beleaguered artist absorbs the disdain of media and jealous parliaments who welcome the last Muse’s irreverent lament.